Kelly was always the life and soul of any party; she always wore a big smile and had a huge heart and she would do anything for anybody.

She loved her family, her friends and she always enjoyed sport and holidays.

She played football, hockey & cricket for local teams and she also played cricket for Northants County up to the age of 17. She became a qualified Cricket coach when she was 17 years old and loved spending time coaching kids and managing their cricket teams.

Kelly would be the last person you would think would suffer with her Mental Wellbeing but on 18th December 2018 at just 24 years of age and after a short battle with anxiety and depression she ended her own life.

The shock, grief, guilt, anger and bewilderment are all still as raw today as they were on the day we lost her, there is a huge void in a lot of people’s lives since her passing and not just for close family. It’s like a pebble being dropped in a pond and the ripples seem to go on forever.

Kelly’s legacy will be her Charity and our mission is to help as many people and particularly children with their mental health.

No one should feel alone or ashamed and by talking, listening or just being there we want to help, Kelly would want us to help.

Kelly Hewitt
Kelly Hewitt 11th May 1994 - 18th December 2018
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Kelly's Legacy

Our charity has been driven by the profound loss of our beloved daughter, sister, and friend, who was taken from us prematurely after her struggles with mental health.

Understanding the depths of mental health challenges requires first hand experience or close proximity to those affected. Unfortunately, stigma often cloaks these struggles, leaving many to endure their pain silently.

Our mission is to illuminate this issue, raising awareness and working to prevent suicide.

Everyone has a role in supporting those around them who may be challenged by poor  mental health.  By recognising warning signs and offering a compassionate ear or kind words, we can potentially save lives.

The outpouring of support we’ve received from the outset has been nothing short of remarkable. Kelly’s impact on countless lives endures, and while she may no longer be with us physically, this charity stands as her enduring legacy.