Dave Askew – Northamptonshire Walks

Dave Askew, founder of Northamptonshire Walks https://northamptonshirewalks.co.uk/ is as down to earth as they come, open and honest about his own struggles with mental health, and admirably  modest about the

You are not alone…


Why our work is so important…

To read the full article please visit the following link: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jan/19/one-in-four-uk-young-people-have-felt-unable-to-cope-in-pandemic

Northampton Chronicle Support

LOCKDOWN 3: A guide to all the Northampton businesses and charities that are OPEN and need your support We have complied a listings guide of independent local businesses and charities

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NLive Radio Northampton

NLive Radio Northampton

Featuring on the local N Live Radio Community Board, a broadcast for We Mind & Kelly Matters
Voluntary Impact Bulletin

Voluntary Impact Bulletin

We Mind & Kelly Matters features in the Friday 8th January 2021 news bulletin, following the launch of their new website. Click link to read the full report https://mailchi.mp/dc3b6bc9e536/friday-bulletin-13335514

First Patron – Kelly Smith MBE

We are extremely proud to be able to announce that Kelly Smith MBE has kindly agreed to become Patron of the Charity. Our Kelly absolutely idolised her while she was