The Baton Of Hope is designed to be the biggest suicide awareness and prevention initiative the UK has ever seen, opening up necessary conversations and prompting appropriate actions.

Together we can reduce the stigma, and get better at asking questions, listening, and directing people to the right help. Together we can save lives. The baton, designed by Thomas Lyte will tour UK towns and cities for two weeks in the Summer of 2023, raising the profile of this issue like never before and the Kelly’s Heroes team are super excited to be a part of this historical event.

The campaign was set up by Mike McCarthy and Steve Phillip after the pair made contact following the death of their sons, Ross and Jordan to suicide. Together Mike and Steve became persuasive advocates for change in UK suicide prevention policy where they were invited to meet the Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP, then Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to share their knowledge and lived experience. 

As well as briefing him on the vital actions needed from across Government – especially, but not just, the Department for Health and Social Care – Mike and Steve were also able to secure Mr Javid’s endorsement and support for their Baton of Hope campaign which was announced on BBC Breakfast the following day.

The Kelly’s Heroes team are the regional sponsors for MK and will receive the Baton on Tuesday 4th July at 3pm and walk in this historical event to create hope and prevent suicide. We would love for as many Kelly’s Heroes supporters to join us and walk beside us to take part in the biggest suicide campaign the UK has ever seen. Visit: to find out more.

To sign up, please text BATON OF HOPE with your name and email address to: 07821 137095 or email