This month, we talk to Graeme McKim, who, recently held a huge cricket fundraiser for Kelly’s Heroes. In this interview, he talks about why he wanted to raise funds for the charity and what events he has planned for the future.

Why did you decide to raise funds for Kelly’s Heroes?

I felt it was time for me to pay back to the charity for the support they offered through some difficult mental health times. I wanted to raise awareness of the charity and the help it provides and if just one person reached out for help because of the fundraiser day and saved a life then that is all I set out to achieve.

How did Kelly’s Heroes help you?

They helped me enourmously when I needed help. I went through the self-referral route via the website and was placed with one of their Counsellors who supported me, by talking and listening and helping me work through things.

How would you describe Kelly’s Heroes to someone who’s never heard of the charity?

It is a local Northants charity, who are there to help anyone who is struggling with their mental health, has suicide ideation or who has been bereaved by suicide. The charity is doing great work in the community for those who really need help.

How would things have been different for you without Kelly’s Heroes?

I would have struggled to get help through the NHS system, but having a local charity I could reach out to in such quick time was a life saver and the support was amazing.

What would you say to encourage someone to fundraise for Kelly’s Heroes?

The charity now has over 20 Counsellors who need to be funded. The charity receives no government funding and relies solely on donations and fundraising. Whilst it is a non-profit organisation, to pay back for your treatment is invaluable so they can move forward and help many

Do you have any more fundraising challenges planned?

I plan to repeat this year’s successful event and the return fixture at Wellingborough Cricket Club. I am also organising a party at the pool area at Wellingborough Golf Club and a sponsored walk in our local area. My mission is, for next season, to organise a date with the Northampton Cricket Team and include every local club to raise funds for Kelly’s Heroes.