Learning at Work Week, runs from 15th -21 st May, and is a one-of-a-kind yearly event that promotes the development of learning within the workplace. It tries to highlight the significance and advantages of ongoing learning and growth.

This year’s theme for Learning to Work Week is “Learning Uncovered.” It focuses on revealing learning potential, revealing hidden powers, and revealing new dimensions, which you may adapt to fit your own situation and requirements.

Despite it being a challenging subject, suicide affects many of us. In fact, 1 in 5 of us will have suicidal thoughts during our lifetime and 1 in 100 deaths worldwide are related to suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death of men under 50. It not only impacts the individual, but also has a profound impact on those around them. It is vital we learn to discuss mental health and suicide openly and educate ourselves. As employers, it can be hard to know how to handle this with many managers feeling unprepared on how to respond to the subject, but there are many things you can do to help.

Many of us spend most of our week at work, so there is huge potential for the workplace to provide support for the mental health of its staff. 80% of all people who die by suicide are of working age, so the workplace is an ideal place for creating a system for prevention and intervention. Some industries are even at a greater risk of suicide with rates above the national average, such as male-dominated industries (construction and manufacturing or media, sport, and creative industries). So, the need becomes even more important.

Many things can trigger suicidal thoughts including depression, anxiety, change (no matter how small), disciplinary action, job insecurity, pre-existing conditions, and more. As an employer, you can help reduce any work-related factors such as stress or bullying.

Training we offer
Here at We Mind & Kelly Matters, we offer lots of mental health and suicide prevention training to individuals as well as businesses, including:

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) A worldwide recognised 2-day course delivered online
  • Self-Harm Awareness
  • SAFE Talk – Our bespoke suicide awareness for everyone
  • Level 2 – NCFE Nationally recognised Qualification in Suicide Awareness
  • Level 3 – NCFE Qualification in STEPS Reducing Suicide 
  • ASK course Assessing Suicide in Kids

You can find out more about each course here and how to book: https://bit.ly/3H14pOq 

Our MHFA Training was featured in this month’s edition of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce magazine, Inbusiness which you can read online through this link: https://bit.ly/3AcVi9G (page 41).

NSAS Bitesize

N-SAS (Northamptonshire Support after Suicide) supports anyone bereaved by suicide, whenever that may have been. The team understand that the ripples are felt far and wide and understand why it is so important for people to access the right support at the right time.

Our new 30-minute bite size webinar is led by the NSAS Lead Clinician and explains:

  • How to refer into the service
  • How long support can be accessed
  • Group sessions
  • Family support
  • Therapeutic support
  • Counselling sessions
  • A chance to ask any questions

The webinar is ideal for anyone working in the healthcare sector, or anyone bereaved by suicide or supporting others.

The sessions run every Monday at 9am. To book your FREE space, visit: https://bit.ly/3n2it3F

SAFE Training

Our Suicide Awareness For Everyone (SAFE), is an introductory talk about suicide, to raise awareness, explore the prevalence and spots signs of risks. The talk is aimed at 16+ and explores areas around What is suicide, Language of Suicide, Statistical Information, and signposting.

Our next training will run online on Wednesday 12 th May from 9.30am-12.30pm.

To book, visit: https://bit.ly/3LvYUtS

A.S.K Workshop

The “ASK” Workshop (Assessing for Suicide in Kids), is the only suicide prevention workshop that specifically addresses suicide risk in children and gives participants developmentally appropriate strategies and tools to identify young children at risk of suicide and quickly gather and organise key details needed to assess risk and inform safety planning.

Our next workshop runs on Friday 26th May, but there are only a few spaces remaining. To book,
visit: https://bit.ly/3oBbWx4