We have self-help support groups across Northamptonshire for various days and times, where you can meet with other people who have been bereaved by suicide.  They provide an opportunity to listen, to share, to ask questions and to connect with others.

Our SoBS groups (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) are led by a small team of volunteers, who have been bereaved by suicide themselves.  The groups themselves last for around 2 hours.  There is no set structure to the session – people are free to talk and listen as they wish. 

We know it takes courage to come to a group.  You won’t have to talk if you don’t want to – many people don’t, particularly the first time that they come.  You don’t have to come again – you don’t even have to stay for the whole session if you decide it’s not for you.  But most people return after their first meeting and find that over time, they gain the confidence to speak about themselves.  After a while they may also find they can offer support to others.  If you come to a group but decide that it is not the right thing for you at this time, you are welcome to return at a later date when you feel ready.

The first step is to contact justine@kellysheroes.org.uk who will answer any questions you may have and help you decide if it is the right thing for you to try.

Our group facilitators are fully trained and have completed all requirements needed to offer support at a group. They can also meet you outside the venue if you feel too nervous to come into the room by yourself. All groups are free to attend, and refreshments are also provided.

If you find that you require immediate support, you can use our Online Emotional Support Service which is FREE and confidential which you can access here: https://bit.ly/3K64S3E The service runs 7 days a week, 6pm-9pm, 365 days a year.

Please don’t suffer in silence. We are here to help.