Stress Awareness Event
Taking one small step daily can have a huge impact on your mental health. Adding one goal into each day is an effective way to increase motivation and help you to create the life changes you want. They might seem like little things but when you take the time to break these things down into little sessions of progress, it makes it seem a whole lot easier to reach the bigger picture.

We know how hard it can be to get motivated or how sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything. So why not join us on our 30-Day Stress Awareness Challenge throughout April and start introducing a bit of wellness into your days.  

Print off our calendar for some ideas to get your started, or follow our social platforms for more inspiration.

The team will be at The Chester House Estate on Thursday 27 th April from 10am-2pm if you would like to pop down and share with us how you got on with your challenge over a cuppa and slice of cake!

Young Person’s Craft Day’s

Following the success of our previous young person’s craft days, we have witnessed first-hand the impact that arts and crafts can have on the mental health of children.

Our craft workshops are designed to bring out the very best of your children, offering a platform to improve their overall sense of well-being whilst enjoying making new friends and being creative.

To book your child’s place on one of our craft workshops at The Chester House Estate, please visit:

Sacred Sound Evenings

Are you looking for an opportunity to relax deeply, de-stress and feel replenished and recharged inside?

If so, join Harshani and Edwin for their Sacred Sound Evening at Barnwell Village Hall on Thursday 13th April from 7pm-8pm. Tickets are £15 each and you can book your place here:

Board Games at Wellingborough Library

Whilst your heart may race when you’re about to spade an ace or your blood pressure rises in reaction to a competitive opponent, studies suggest that playing board games can help lower stress and increase feelings of calmness. Many table gamers say they play to unwind and relax. The simple act of having fun can help boost serotonin, relieve symptoms of anxiety, and increase enthusiasm in other areas of your life.

Split into three two-hour sessions, the Wellingborough Library gives you the opportunity to play a variety of board games with friends and family. You can also visit on your own and play at the community table, making new friends and trying new games.

£1 per person for 2 hours. Refreshments are available at additional cost.

Booking required. Please call: 0300 126 3000