To help increase awareness with the aim of improving mental health and reducing suicides we need to start talking.  Many people including professionals find talking about suicide difficult, and there are so many reasons for this.  Most often the fear of increasing the risk of suicide and the surrounding stigma can hold people back, but whatever the resistance is we can reassure you that our training teaches you the confidence and skills to explore these necessary but difficult conversations. 

So, if you want to know more, understand how you can make a difference, and gain the practical skills, knowledge and confidence then we have a course just for you.

We Mind & Kelly Matters have written their own age appropriate talk around mental health and suicide awareness for younger people.  If you are 16 or older you can attend our range of Mental Health First Aid and ASIST training courses.  For more information on the courses we deliver see our Training Page.

Kelly’s Champions : Are you passionate about your friend’s mental health, and that of your school, or business and community?   Not only can you nominate We Mind & Kelly Matters as your school house charity, or business Charity of the Year, we will visit, and train nominated “Kelly’s Champions” in active listening skills so anyone in your school, or place of business can be easily signposted to a recognised peer supporter.

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