We Mind & Kelly Matter has a LIVE CHAT service providing emotional support for anyone who needs support.

Our support is managed by real people, not CHATBOTS, so a support worker is online whenever you see the “Get Help Now” button on the right of your screen.

When you click on LIVE CHAT, we wont ask for loads of information, if you want to share your details you can, but the service is confidential.

This is a free service for people who feel they need support and someone to hear them.  Your messages to us are confidential unless we’re concerned about your imminent safety.    If we believe (you) the caller to be unsafe or a safeguarding issue is raised the online clinical supervisor will complete a risk assessment and may share details with the emergency services to keep (you) the caller safe.

It is always our priority to take your wellbeing and confidentiality seriously.  Where possible a support worker will try and work with you to create a safety plan.

If your unsure how a LIVE CHAT works, watch our short animation – we are now 7 days a week thou !

To find out more, view our FAQ’s

See how a LIVE CHAT works:

Online Emotional Support


We Mind & Kelly Matters LIVE CHAT is a confidential support service.

This means unless our support worker has real concerns about (your) the caller’s safety, your conversation remains private and confidential.   Your chat history can be viewed by an online clinical supervisor for training purposes and safety.

If the support worker believes that (your) the caller’s life or a child is in danger or at risk of immediate harm, our online clinical supervisor will complete a risk assessment.  This may result in your known details being shared with emergency services or authorities for a wellbeing check.  We will always be honest with you, and whenever possible inform you of any actions we take, the focus being your safety and well-being, keeping you safe always.

Our support workers are trained active listeners, and it is important you know you can talk to use about anything that feels important to you and that is preventing you from living a full and meaningful happy life.  We do not judge.  Using empathic techniques and establish your presenting issues, we are here to support you and help you to de-escalate from what may be a difficult moment in time to a place where recovery and safety planning can be reached.

Our support workers understand mental health concerns, these may include callers feeling anxious, stressed, bereaved, isolated or lonely.   You can trust us to explore any suicidal ideologies you may be experiencing, and we will always aim to support you in the best possible way.

It is important to us that you have time to explore your reasons for calling in a safe manner, for that reason there is no set time for each call.   We will let you know if we are nearing the ending of our opening times.

Our calls vary from a few minutes to 30 minutes, if at any time you want to leave the call, you can just enter STOP and our support worker will end the chat. Just like there is no set time, there are no limits to how many times you can use our service.  We are here to support you in your time of need.

Our team of support workers all receive the same high-level training to listen and support you, offering where appropriate advice and guidance.  

What we do not claim to be are experts, nor do we offer diagnoses.  We believe you are the expert in your own life, so we are here to support you in your time of need.

Our support workers all work different shifts and are made up of different ages and genders but we all offer the same type of support, so regardless who you speak to, you will receive the same empathic and caring support.

When you click on “LIVE CHAT”, we may ask you a number of short questions.  This information helps us to identify who is using our services and helps us to understand how we can evolve to support more people and identify what groups may need more help.

Your Name

You can give us your full name, or just a first name or initials.  If you want to keep yourself anonymous, just use a nickname

Your Age

Mental Health and Suicide affects all ages, while some statistics shows that men or women can be at a higher risk at a given age, we believe that every life lost to suicide is one too many.  Your age helps us understand who is using the service most.


Gender identity is the personal sense of one’s own gender, this may correlate with a persons assigned sex at birth or it may differ from is.  Gender identity is important to us, if you would prefer not to say just let us know.  


Understanding a caller’s ethnicity helps us to ensure that everyone who seeks help can get the help they need.  Knowing which groups may be missing out can help us promote in different areas.


As we are based in Northamptonshire, we are focusing our growth across a diverse and wide country spanning 913 sq. miles and 7 districts, so we want to reach everyone.  It’s OK to shorten your postcode if you prefer to remain anonymous.

We are not connected to the NHS Services and are not a Mental Health CRISIS service.  If you feel in immediate danger, we always recommend you call 999.

For Northamptonshire residents, the NHS NHFT offer a direct number to the Mental Health Hub which is open every day 24/7 0800 448 0828 

OR you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 any day any time.

OR You can have an online chat with ChildLine by visiting www.childline.org.uk or by calling them on 0800 11 11. ChildLine are available 24 hours per day. 

We also have a list of local and national resources list available on our website.   Please visit the Help & Advice section.

LIVE CHAT is an emotional support service, to help you in a moment of Crisis or when you are feeling in a difficult place and struggling to cope.  It is designed to de-escalate, and we may not be able to offer you long term continuous support with the same worker, so it is not the same as counselling, but we understand why it may feel similar.  

We Mind & Kelly Matters do offer a free counselling service for anyone affected by suicide, the links are available on our website.

We anonymise all data from conversations to study the wellbeing of our community and evaluate our own performances. Individual conversations will never be shared.  Data from the set 5 questions will be collated to help us plan our expansion and develop the service.

We provide a feedback service, so callers can send us feedback which we may share on our performance reviews and social media sites, these will always be anonymised.

In the event of a safeguarding concern, our clinical supervisor who oversees all conversations may share details with the emergency services.

Our team of support workers have all been recruited because of their skillset, valuable experiences and caring qualities, essential to the nature of our service.  All on-line conversations and staff are supervised by a Clinical Supervisor who has extensive crisis intervention experience and holds Master’s degrees in relevant fields.,

The well-being of our team at We Mind & Kelly Matters is critical to our services, and we pride ourselves on promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.