We Mind & Kelly Matters – Support after Suicide offers an extensive range of support from telephone, virtual video and face to face. We know that when someone dies by suicide, the ripples of trauma affect so many people, family, of course, but also friends, neighbours, colleagues and professionals. 

We are here to support you, so it does not matter when you were bereaved, where, how long since, or how you are connected to suicide, you can always access our support.   

Bereavement is a painful experience, and when loss occurs after a suicide, there are added complexities, unanswered questions and an array of overwhelming emotions…. it has been said to feel like grief, but with the volume turned right up.

This is a free service, so to access our support, you can complete the online referral form, or if you prefer to download it into word, complete it and email it back to us.

We understand the difficulties in finding great therapists and counsellors, and being able to access counselling when you need it.  Our service has been set up for anyone affected by suicide.  If you are looking for counselling but feel you dont meet this criteria, you can still contain us for support.  We may know of other chairites that have free funded counselling available.

Online Referral Form

Complete our online referral form

We can support anyone, young or older, from individuals, couples, family members, friendship groups or a workplace.  We offer our service to anyone affected by a suicide, whether you were a passer-by, a first responder or a professional working in a related field, even if you do not identify as bereaved, for example if you witnessed a death.

We are open to anyone living in Northamptonshire, no matter how long ago, whether you were affected by a suicide that was a few days, weeks or decades ago.

We completely understand that everyone is unique and individual, as is your loss.  Whatever support you are needing right now, we are here to listen, compassionately. 

We offer a postvention support service, which means that as soon as a death by suspected suicide occurs, we can help you navigate your way through, remember you are not alone.

You can use our support if you believe someone has ended their own life, even if this has not been officially recognised or an inquest has not yet taken place.  

We can help deal with the practical issues that may arise including liaising with schools, carers, employers, funeral directors, police and coroner’s office. We can attend meetings inquests and provide help with any media coverage.  We can support individuals’ families and friends as a group.  We can make home visits, or meet somewhere else you may prefer, we also support online, virtually or by telephone.

We provide 1:1 counselling, family support and support Northamptonshire’s first SOBS groups

You can simply refer yourself, all you need to do it complete the referral form.  If you prefer with your consent someone can complete the form on your behalf.

You can download the form to complete and email back, or fill online now…

Our team at We Mind & Kelly Matters is one of our strengths and are at the heart of everything we do, from shaping the therapeutic support to ensuring we receive up to date training and creating new opportunities for the charity to grow.

We have invested in having the right people deliver the right services, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.  All our therapists are fully qualified, and we do not offer counselling with students.  Our clinical supervisor is qualified to Masters level and has extensive experience in suicide bereavement, support and training.

All our suicide liaison workers have their own personal experience of suicide bereavement.