Each month, we will be talking to a member of staff and finding out a bit more about them and what their role is within the charity.

This month we chat to Justine who recently joined the team in September.

Name – Justine
Job Title – Suicide bereavement coordinator
What is involved in your role? – Completing assessments for client who have been bereaved
by suicide, and clients who struggle with their own suicidal ideation. Allocating clients to
counsellors. Holding emotional support sessions for clients that come into our service but
are not suitable at that time for counselling. Running the live chat service on our website,
6pm-9pm every evening. Facilitating the monthly SOBS group.
What is your background? – Mental health and working with young people.
What motivates you? – A passion to help people and get them the support that they need as
soon as possible.
What do you enjoy most about your role? – Knowing I am helping clients access the support
when they need it the most.
If you could send a message out to the entire world, what would it be? – You never know
what struggles people are facing each day, so just be nice!

This month’s random question:
If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be? – There are so many,
but would probably be dirty dancing, closely followed by sixth sense or ghost!