Suicide is everyone’s business, but not everyone is OK talking, listening or hearing
about suicide. Stigma and taboo have held such a power over suicide prevention,
awareness and postvention that we need to use our voices to demonstrate we
will be heard. In the UK, over 17 lives a day are lost to suicide, they needed to be
heard, and we can and will do more.
Our aim is to support conversation around Suicide Awareness, we need your voice
your, Pledge to stamp out the stigma and ensure that those that need support,
that need to be heard can access the support they need.

From Sept 10th , 2022 (World Suicide Prevention Day)
for 30 days until
October 10th , 2022, (World Mental Health Day)

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For immediate 20 minutes Suicide Prevention Training, we recommend:

Look out for

Look out for signs of Helplessness, Hopelessness, Worthlessness and Loneliness


For support after suicide visit our dedicated service


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