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Matthew Thomas

John and I have been good friends for over 30 years and it was an honour to be asked to be a trustee of WMKM.

I moved away from Wellingborough in 2002 and relocated back to East Northamptonshire in 2018.

I manage a local business and I’ve learned over the last 23 years of managing staff, that if you look after the staff, they will look after the business.

Since the loss of Kelly I’ve learned a little about mental health issues and there’s a huge amount more to know.

What is clear is that we are only just discovering the tip of the iceberg of how many of us suffer with mental health issues – whether that’s a little or a lot, infrequently or daily.  We are getting better at talking about it but we need to spread the word that it’s ok not to be ok and get more of us talking openly.